About Me - The Camera Queen

Who is The Camera Queen?

Hello there and welcome to my about me page. I am an English/Italian girl who loves to talk. I think the Italian side of me is a bit dominant as I talk fast and do use my hands quite a bit to convey the words coming out of my mouth.

In retrospect I wonder if my family gave me a camera to hold in my hands to reduce my constant talking.

I can assure you I can still talk and hold a camera at the same time.

I have a couple of very strong beliefs-

*If you have the power and or time to help someone in need, do it!

*Kind hearted people are the most beautiful people.

*My photography talent is God’s gift on loan to me. It is for me to share and is not to be mis-used.

*A Mothers’ job is to love, guide and lift up their children with every ounce of their heart.

*Take a family photo every year and display them proudly. Parents, never mind you may have put a few pounds on or your hair isn’t perfect. Children don’t care what you look like. They care that you thought it was important to be in the photo with them.

Interesting things about me-

*I have been in love with the color purple since I was born but now the color Teal has waged war with my original favorite.

*My grandmother dubbed me "The Queen" when I, the first grandchild, was born.

*I am secretly a computer geek.

*My husband is fourteen inches taller than me.

*I am addicted to tutorials to enhance my photography daily.

"Photography is a journey that has led me to beautiful places meeting so many wonderful people along the way. I don't know where this journey will lead me next but I am excited to see what's in store.                                                                                                                  ---Thia Beniash

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