HDR Start to Finish-4 Hours

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HDR Start to Finish-4 Hours


High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography offers a collection of great tools for both artistic and realistic rendering of scenes which your camera on its own would be unable to capture in a single shot.

This intensive four hour private one-on-one class offers you a jump start under the instruction of an experienced HDR photographer.

We will start with an intro to HDR and it's capabilities. Then prepare our cameras and minds to shoot for HDR.
We will head out to a location and photograph for about a half hour.
By this time we will all have worked up an appetite and will break for a quick lunch then head back to import and process the photographs.
We will go over options for a workflow for merging and tone mapping to finalize the HDR images.

Once completed we will spend some time enjoying each others work.


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This workshop will be held on a Saturday and will be limited to 5 members per workshop.
After you make your purchaseyou will receive a list of dates available for the class and may join any one of these classes.


You will need to bring the following equipment to the class:

  1. A digital camera capable of shooting in Aperture Priority or Manual exposure mode. For best results, the camera should also be able to record raw format images but this is not 100% necessary. I would recommend a wide angle zoom lens but bring whatever you have. You definitely won’t be needing a long telephoto so leave the 400mm at home
  2. A sturdy tripod.
  3. A laptop computer with a reader for your memory card format and software capable of reading and displaying your image files. Adobe Lightroom andPhotoshop would be the most suitable.
  4. If you choose not to purchase LR and or PS A stand alone software that will be suitable for HDR merging is Photomatix Pro software. You can purchase this online here. An evaluation version is available if you want to try before you buy. Note that the evaluation version watermarks your images until it is unlocked. The cost for this program is 99.00.
  5. Enthusiasm and a willingness to experiment and ask questions!